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Corporate Sponsorship


Vipers Lacrosse Community,

The Vipers Lacrosse Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization  operated and managed 100% by volunteers.  As a club sport not yet recognized by UIL, our program operates outside the traditional support and funding of LISD.  What this means is that to keep our program fully operational we need your help and support! 

In lacrosse, you will often find yourself in a man-up situation due to an opponent’s penalty (i.e. slashing). Successful teams use this opportunity to score frequently because they have a “man up” advantage.  Your Man Up Squad tends to be the most talented players on the team, the leaders.  


The Man Up Club has been created to recognize our support across our Family, Corporate Sponsors.  These folks have made a commitment to help the Vipers Lacrosse Club with the most generous of contributions and for that we are so grateful.  Man Up Club contributors at the highest level will receive special Man Up Club gear.    We would love to welcome YOU as our next  Man Up Club member.  

ManUP $2,500 - Game Day Sign with name & logo, Logo displayed on Game Day roster, Name/Logo listed on website & announced during home games; social media mentions and exclusive Man Up Club swag only available to MVP level sponsors. 


MVP $1,500 - Game Day Sign with name & logo, Logo displayed on Game Day Roster, Name/Logo listed on website & announced during home games, & social media mentions.


LAX to the MAX  $1,000 - Logo listed on Game Day Roster, Name/Logo on website in order of submission date, business announced before all home games, and social media mentions.


CORNER SHOT $500 -  Business name listed on website in order of submission date and a social media mention. 


STICK TOGETHER $300 -  Company name listed on website and a social media mention


Donations at every level are important because every dollar counts!  We recognize and thank all of our family level sponsors on our website, social media and in our newsletters.


Thank you for your continued support. 

 Viper Lacrosse Club



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